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Working closely with all supply chain partners

Access to universities and research centers

Support in obtaining research funds

Support in drafting business plans

Support in patent analysis and procedures

Support in the search for funds

Investitori privati


If you believe in the potential of 3D printing for buildings but are not interested in the technical and industrial aspects, you can simply decide to invest in or support the Center.

Right of first refusal on shares of start-ups/spin-offs of the Center of Expertise.

Analysis and evaluation of the economic and financial potential of the technologies and solutions developed.

Access to all the benefits reserved for companies listed above.

Private and Institutional Sponsors

If you would like to associate your brand with an innovative reality operating in a broad spectrum sector, such as construction, you can become a sponsor of the Center.

In a shared way, we will develop a communication that can transfer to your reality the authority, academic, and scientific research values that characterize the Center.

Academic and research partners

We thirst for synergies and consider valuable anything that can contribute to the development and is consistent with our mission

We forge collaborations with national and international research institutes and academic bodies.

Unity is strength

There are more than 2,000 companies active in the construction industry in Ticino. Most of them, whether they operate in the primary or ancillary segment, will be affected by the technological revolution taking place in the construction industry. Therefore, we will all have to deal with the advancing news sooner or later.

Becoming a 3D Building Competence Center partner means increasing your status, skills, knowledge, and business opportunities.


Contact us and let's evaluate together which form of membership is most useful for your professional reality.

Basic Benefits

Participation in meetings for discussion and presentation of Center activities.

Participation in collaborative brainstorming sessions to develop new ideas and opportunities.

Participation in networking events to generate new synergies and collaborations among partners.

Immediate access to technologies and solutions developed in the Center.

Access to technical documentation produced by the Center's activities.

Possibility to use patents developed by the Center.
Right of first refusal on shares of start-ups and spin-offs from the Competence Center.

Strategic Benefits

Professional Internazionalization. The Center's activities make it possible to operate abroad.

Shelter yourself from market cyclicality. The Center's activities foster business even during stagnation.

Become a shareholder in innovative companies in a known industry.

Participation in call for tenders exclusively dedicated to technology enabled companies.

Develop synergies with other players in the supply chain.

Act as a significant player at the international level.

 Access to new markets and opportunities that technological evolution will generate.



Contact Us

for information or tailoring the best form of membership for you.

Thank you; we will be back to you soon.

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