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We learn to govern change

We live in an age characterized by change; technological innovation changes our habits and how we live and work. The construction industry is not exempt and is about to undergo one of the most radical transformations. Many companies are already adopting new technologies that will become the industry standard in the coming years, making current practices obsolete.


Ticino construction and 3D printing of buildings

If we look at Ticino's construction industry, this change process does not keep pace with other countries and regions. High labor costs, a low rate of innovation, and a procurement system insensitive to creativity and new ideas prevent the sector from being competitive and expressing its potential outside the canton's borders.


The current moment can be considered a watershed between the construction of the past and that of the future. We are experiencing a transition period, and the driving force is technology. 


3D printing opens new doors to our profession, and, simultaneously, Ticino companies boast a first-rate professional standard.  A formidable engine if you want to achieve great results. However, we must make technology mastery our own, with a view not only to business growth but also to consolidating our market area. 

Act now, act first
Leadership in 3D printing for buildings has yet to be defined in Europe. Therefore, it is not late to occupy this position and it is not early to start thinking about it. 

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