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Why has the 3D Building Competence Center been created?

The process we employ to construct a building has mostly stayed the same over time. Although using different materials, techniques, and machinery, building construction has always involved considerable labor input. However, today we face a possible change: 3D printing applied to building construction


The 3D house is a reality.
In Saudi Arabia alone, there are 500 3D-printed buildings; in China, it is possible to print a house for less than $5,000. In Milan, Piazza Beccaria is home to Italy's first experiment in 3D printing applied to construction: an entirely sustainable place that can be disassembled, moved, and remodeled.

3D printing allows for a continuous envelope free of thermal bridges, a high speed of fabrication-it only takes a few hours to print a building-infinite design possibilities, a very high level of resilience, and a radical reduction in fabrication costs.


Implementing this technology requires a relatively short development time, and the results achieved can have rapid application within the supply chain. For this reason, the use of 3D printing in construction is the leading CC3DB research focus.


A new beginning for Ticino

The market for 3D printing machines for buildings is constantly evolving, not to mention the search for new materials. Therefore, the Center intends to select and develop the most promising and high-performing projects to establish itself as an international reference for the entire industry. 

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